We offer a home delivery service



We can organise home delivery or contactless pick up.

Email your order to  

Use the template:

Note: Fresh goods are ok in chch, but hard to send by courier due to how long it takes to be delivered to you.

Our team will put together your order on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if it is received before 9am. When your order is ready, we will call you to process your credit card payment over the phone. This is a very quick way for us to process payments, so please keep your phone handy! If we can't get hold of you your order will not be sent out that day.

If you don't have a credit card we can send you an invoice to pay online but please be aware that this will push the delivery time out and you may not receive your order the same week. We will do our best though!!

Once we have your payment, we will get the box of goodies heading out your way. We use a couple of different courier companies, depending on where you are located. Chch deliveries will usually arrive the same day. Futher away = slower! 

What you can do to help us:

  • Please keep your list to what would fit in a medium sized box, and check in with us regarding weight restrictions for your location.
  • Please don't send us multiple emails, it's hard to keep track of, and every time you make an adjustment to your order it creates a trail of emails.
  • Please be aware that we are not doing deliveries every day, so if you don't hear from us between Weds-Sun, do not worry!! We will see your email!
  • Fresh goods: shouldn't be a problem to send fresh goods if you are in chch, if your box is going outside of Chch with PBT couriers we suggest you do not order perishables due to the lag in delivery. We do not guarantee safe arrival of any perishables, as we do not use refrigerated delivery services. We will package as best we can.
  • Lastly, thank you!! We are very happy that we can run a delivery service, and we appreciate that you are taking the time to order from us. 

How much does it cost?

A box within the Christchurch region is between $6-$10 depending on location, for usually same day delivery. 

South Island delivery is usually $12 for a box of up to 10 or 15kg, depending on where you are.

North Island is $15 for a box of up to 10kg.

We do have courier bags which may be a more economical option, we will let you know.

Please note that all rural addresses incur an extra charge and a delay on delivery, you may want to get your parcel sent to a town address. We use PBT couriers, they are not the same as NZ Post, so there may be a rural charge on your address - you can ask us to check this for you.

Please ask us for specific courier charges to your address if you are confused! 

We charge a small handling fee, usually around $5 - $10, it takes into account some of the time we spend putting together your orders. We can waive this in some circumstances. 


All the best,
Your Piko delivery team.

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