Organic Shop in Christchurch

Piko's delivery service - South Island only

As part of our service we can courier your organic goodies to you.

We don't deliver to the North Island or overseas. Click here to order if you have already signed our contract of payment.

Christmas/new year delivery dates: Last day for delivery orders will be Tuesday 18th December. Our delivery service will be shut until Thursday 3rd January 2019. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Please note that this service is designed for dry goods... we can't guarantee the safe arrival of any refrigerated goods or fresh produce, as we do not use a refrigerated courier service and the delivery will usually take one to two days.

How much it costs

Handling fee + courier cost are your additional costs.

Handling fee: minimum $3.
This will be more depending on the size and nature of the order, eg. things we have to bag for you take time, so the handling charge will be higher. It basically covers the time it takes us to process your order!

Courier costs (as of 23rd August 2018):

Christchurch $5.00 /25kg

Outer Area $10.00 /25kg

Short Haul (Kaikoura - Oamaru) $10.00 /15kg

Long Haul (rest of South Island) $10.00 /10kg

Excess ticket (for an extra 5kg) $5.00

Rural Delivery Additional Charge - $7.50 per item

We also have a couple of sizes of courier bags which we will use if it works out to be more economical that way.

How to pay

We accept: cheques and bank deposit. We will include our bank account details on your invoice. Please pay within 48 hours of receiving your delivery.

We don't accept credit cards.

Don't pay until you receive the invoice with your goods!

How to order

Before your first order, we ask you to fill in our contract of payment.

STEP 1 : Click here to download our 'contract of payment PDF file' - please email or phone us if you do not have a printer and we can mail a contract to you.
STEP 2 : Fill in our ' contract of payment '
STEP 3 : Send it back to us by mail or fax


FAX : (03) 365 5221 
MAIL: Piko Wholefoods, 229 Kilmore Street, Christchurch 8011

Please try to avoid ordering by phone if you can.

Your order must be in by 10am on Tuesday or Thursday.

Orders are sent out on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and will usually arrive the next day. It'll take longer if your address is deemed Rural by PBT couriers, or if it is a particularly busy time of year. We do not send deliveries around public holidays if there is risk of boxes sitting in the depot!

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