Organic Shop in Christchurch

Piko Wholefoods

229 Kilmore Street Christchurch
corner Kilmore / Barbadoes Streets

Phone Shop: (03) 366 8116
Phone Office: (03) 389 5062
Fax: (03) 365 5221 (NEW)

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 6.30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

organic applesOur fruit & vegetables are certified organic
(if not available we may stock uncertified organic).

ge freeOur suppliers confirm their product is GE free before we stock it.

fairtradeWe are committed to: local produce & goods first, fairtrade, providing information.

Organic Shop in Christchurch

Piko Wholefoods is a low profit organisation set up in 1979.
We are a vegetarian wholefood store, specialising in certified organic and gluten free foods.

Our aims are to promote organics and to support a sustainable future for our communities. Many of our goods are sold in bulk, not only to reduce cost, but also to encourage recycling of containers. Our low profit policy ensures the mark-up on organic food is kept to a minimum.

News & Info


Piko Wholefoods is committed to providing information for consumers.



Piko can courier your organic goodies to you. Orders are sent out on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


Events June 2016

Welcome Lousie Fawcett!! Information, expertise and expression in using SEAWEED in the kitchen are displayed in perfect balance by Lousie from PACIFIC HARVEST.

She is visiting our shop on Friday 10th June to run a free tasting in shop for the morning and then run 2 workshops in our fabulous upstairs studio; 1-2pm and 5.30-7pm.
The workshops are designed to answer your questions about the different and intriguing ways to incorporate seaweed into your lifestyle.
Tickets to the workshops are avaliable in-store. See our facebook event pages for details:

Explore Seaweed - 5 Easy Ways to Eat Ancient Vegetables
Discover Ancient Vegetables of the Ocean- Nourishing Soups Workshop

Piko Wholefoods 229 Kilmore Street Christchurch - phone: (03) 366 8116 . email: -